Monday, July 24, 2006

Bits and Bites

One Crazy Fiber Lady: Bits and Bites:"Well the LONG weekend is over, I'm taking a quickish minute at work to post an update. Work, well now, this is a job that I love with a fabulous company! I need to send an email to my arse of an old boss who pushed me out as a bit of a thank you. While I was less than pleased by what happened in March (a bit of an understatement I know), it has seemed to turn out for the best. Things do indeed happen for a reason. The company at least from the 2 weeks I've been here, seems to have figured out that a happy employee is a productive, if not loyal, employee. We won't even begin to discuss how very cool the discount is. We'll just leave it that my wardrobe has expanded in the recent weeks. The commute is pretty much the same as it was before with the exception of getting off the PATH train one stop earlier and walking East instead of West and into a nicer neighborhood. It's all good."

Congratulations on your new job Crazy Lady!


Thursday, July 20, 2006

In the Year 2003 . . .

Mason-Dixon Knitting: In the Year 2003 . . .:"Hey--I just remembered that today is our anniversary: three years of writing our little blawg together. A grand total of 598 entries, 12,792 comments, and 64,012 miles of yarn knitted.

Clink! Cool beverages for everybody! My treat--really! Thanks, y'all, for putting up with this mess.

Honestly, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled blabbing as soon as Kay stops reading that damn Matisse book, and as soon as I finish painting the porch chairs. Which may just kill me."

Congratulations on your Anniversary!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Karen's Knitting and Crochet Parlor: I'M STILL CRAFTY!!!:"I'm done with vacationing for the time being and I've decided to clean out my craft closet. Wow, that's a challenge but if I don't do it, I will never know what in the world is really in those bags, totes, plastic bags, and plastic tubs. It would take several pictures for me to capture the stuff I have hoarded through the years so, I won't even go there. Just trust me when I say it's a lot of stuff eventhough I've given a lot away, it's still overwhelming. I'm thinking about running a blog contest and give away random skeins of yarn I don't have a use for. Any suggestions about how to go about that? I know some of you have done a box of yarn, including small balls. What type of contests did you like and what worked best?"

I now just how you feel. You should see my closet!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Great Introductory Video!

Making it up as I go along

Knit The Knits: Making it up as I go along:"I've never knitted anything with such skinny (technical term) yarn as the Wedding Ring Shawl, though I have knitted with such skinny needles. The result is that I'm learning a lot (ie making it up as I go along).

What have I learned?

I've learned that it is essential to have smooth hands and nails - according to Sharon, the most expert knitters in the Shetland Isles were exempted from the "heavy" work, to keep their hands in good nick for knitting with ultra-fine yarn. Unfortunately, there is no-one exempting me from the "heavy" work in this house, so other measures have to be taken."

Wow Kate, that's dedication!

next time, I knit the sleeves first

around n round she goes: next time, I knit the sleeves first:"That way I won't have to dread the prospect of knitting them. I always enjoy knitting sweaters, but for some reason by the time I get to the sleeves I'm just tired. Knitting two long sleeves is the equivalent of knitting another sweater back. I'm also definitely wanting to try that Siamese sleeve thing that Anne did for Erin.Some progress was made on the Fearless Fair Isle. I'm about half-way through the sleeve itself, although there will still be cuff ribbing to do after that.No knitting on the installment sweatshirt jacket, although over the period of 3 evenings I did eventually spin enough for a 50 yard skein. It's hanging in the tree out back - although it was probably dry 30 minutes after I put it out there. It's supposed reach about 104 degrees today. Can I come stay with you guys in Toronto? On second thought, it's pretty hot there, too, and not everyone has air conditioning (after all, a/c is probably not needed very often). Never mind, I'll just sit and sweat here."

I'm just like Cynthia. Creating my own stuff is much more work, but it's also a lot more rewarding.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rubber Stamping + Knitting = WOW!

Mason-Dixon Knitting: July 2005 Archives: "I thought I'd put the fear of rubber stamps into you, and show you what could happen if you continue your lackadaisical blogging-from-the-mountain-whenever-you-feel-like-it-like-a-freakin'-oracle approach. If you leave me to my own devices, know this: the needle-felting? That was just a start. I have other crafts yet to explore. And just so we're clear, know this: at the Other Crafts? I am Not So Good. Today, we take on (1) rubber stamping and (2) sewing teeny tiny stitches with that awful, fiddly stuff called sewing thread. "

Hi Kay, I love what you've done with those rubber stamps.


Knitters Do It For Love

Yarn Harlot: Knitters do it for love: "Knitters do it for love
So I was over chez Lee Ann reading her latest entry (what baby blanket?) when it hit me. That Lee Anne is brave. Really brave. She is not afraid to walk right up to the line and just stand there...wind blowing in her hair, mohair trailing out behind her....spindle and needles held aloft oozing confidence (in both national languages) wearing a tee-shirt that proudly reads 'I take knitting risks'. "

That was nice to read. Lee Ann's obviously dedicated to her children.


How To Learn Intarsia Knitting

Just a Knit Wit: A Monster of a Blanket: "A Monster of a Blanket
Sometimes I worry about the things that come out of my mouth. While it's true, I do need a good solid, intense project to work on to keep myself occupied, I think that the one I chose might be a little too intense."

Good luck with your project Knit Wit!


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Who Else Wants To Avoid This Simple Knitting Error?

Mason-Dixon Knitting: July 2005 Archives: "I show you the following only as a cautionary reminder that even when a pattern is a snipsnap piece of cake, things can go horribly wrong even as you think you�re really clever."

Thanks Ann, that's some really useful info.


Awesome Colors From Fibreworks

Yarnivorous: But wait, there's more!: "All of this lot came from Fibreworks. I don't think I'll link to their website cos it isn't really a website, just one page with an email addy on it and a pic out of our local knitting mag. My stash enhancement is a much better ad than that. Plus the contact details are on the larger labels if you are really interested.... I've even left the prices on just for you! Excuse the packaging - if I let it out of the bags it just exploded everywhere and that is very hard to store."

You sure do manage to find some great colors Lynne.


Adorable Kitties In Knitted Beds

Even Quilters Mouth Off on Occasion: Yup, I'm a Proud, Proud Cat-Mom: "On Monday afternoon, I stumbled across this scene. No human hands were involved in the feline end of the arrangement, although I did make the bed."

Ahhh, your kitties do look adorable in their knitted beds Logan.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wait 'Til You See These Marvelous Quilts

Mason-Dixon Knitting: July 2005 Archives: "Dear Ann,
So there I was Sunday afternoon, hanging out the knitting on the clothesline. Happy as a pig in a blanket, because I've finished the denim blanket for my friends' baby, Taro. I took a few pictures, because when you have an FO, it's all about the bragging, isn't it?"

Those are some great looking quilts. Well done!


Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Talk And Book Signing: Success Through The Nerves

Yarn Harlot: Pretty darn good: "Pretty darn good
You know what? London (Ontario) was pretty darn good. I worry about these things. (You may or may not have noticed, it's a really subtle thing) but I tend to worry. A lot. Even though this is about the 25th shop I've been to in 4 months, and about the 20th talk I've given about knitting, and even though I have met about 2000 knitters while I'm doing this, and it's always been fine, I worry. "

It's a shame you're still getting so nervous Stephanie. I'm glad to hear that the talk and book signing went well.


Poem About Knitting

Random Thoughts: More Thoughts on the Holding Pattern: "More Thoughts on the Holding Pattern
I think I know now why
the elderly reminisce.
Why they talk about
the days gone by
and the times they had.
The memories.
The good.
The bad.
In the present"

Thanks Lightfeather, for that wonderful poem.